The Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100 % Tuscan Organic, is an oil of superior category. The olives are harvested in a traditional way, by hand, in the months of October - November , exclusively in the Tuscan territory, transported to the certified mill at the end of the day where two are milled times over the next day , to avoid fermentation processes and ensure a product of very high quality. The extraction process is continuous cycle, two-phase, temperature-controlled, Never above 27 degrees. The olives are harvested from olive trees that come from crops that exclude the use of chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides and Gmos, with a method of production using techniques that respect the intrinsic fertility of the soil, the nature of the plants and environmental balance.. In the mouth is complex and powerful, with ample plant tones of Vegetables of field and artichoke in closing. Bitter marked and spicy decided and balanced. This extra virgin olive oil for its high content of polyphenols, from the high power to counteract cellular aging , and is essential for proper nutrition.


100% Bio Tuscan